Talon,a tutorial on items and gameplay

| Friday, June 22, 2012
Talon,talon is a melee assassins i will show you what you should build and some other important tips about him.
Start the game with boots of speed and 3 health potions. Whats important about talon, try to farm as much as u can outfarming your opponent will give you advantage in lane, also if your jungler can give u the blue buff that would give you the ability to freely spam your Rake so that u can easily farm.If u have farmed good and dont need to go b then farm until u can buy a b.f sword that would give u great damage and u could easily kill low hp champions.What you should know about Talon is that in teamfights u should focus the champion who deals the most damage,Talons ulti would give u a great chance at attacking withought others focusing you.U should build Talon as a high damage assassin also with  armor penetration.My usual buld is,
Mercurys treads,Bloodthirster,Yoummus Ghostblade,The Black Cleaver,Frozen Mallet,Infinity Edge.
I will try to do a video as soon as i can.


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